Welcome to the geek squad


Joe Chilvers

Managing Director

Being the man at the top can be a tough job – sometimes you’re a smooth talker, sometimes you’re a super geek – but I can assure you that today, as I sit here in my Orpington garden shed HQ and watch the kids sweep leaves off the trampoline, I feel nothing but pride as I reflect on the TPD team who always give 110% in everything they do.

Since our squad began, we have built new partnerships and reinforced existing ones. Personally, it’s been a privilege to be the guardian of this company and watch it grow. I’ve learnt more than I could have imagined and, at times, have been overwhelmed by the pace of it – and we’ve assisted more amazing goals than Beth Mead.

But, above all that, I am happy to be part of a team who truly care for each other. So it’s my pleasure to share with you some words on our team. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy having them on the field for this adventure.

Enjoy the read – best enjoyed with a cup of tea.


Briony Leivers

Director of Operations


1,2,3 and to the 4, it’s THE Briony Leivers at your door. 

Briony is our Operations Director, always pushing for operational excellence and making sure shiz gets done at an olympic level of greatness. We are lucky AF to have this amazing person on our team. And don’t even get us started on the processes! She makes MacOS look like a Speak & Spell. 

Briony’s testimonials from partners and clients alike make the Dalai Lama sound like Jim Royle. ‘Prodigious, precise, diligent, energetic, dedicated,’ are just some of the words used to describe her. Not to mention all the praise lavished on her for her freakish ability to reel off details without looking at a piece of paper once. Add to that her amazing rapport with colleagues, clients, and suppliers and you have a true one-off. 

With roots in Australia, Briony gave the northern hemisphere the gift of her talents when she came over here in 2015. 

She is an awesome producer, show caller, production manager, and has extensive experience on large scale events in Europe and the United States. She’s built large exhibition stands for tech conferences, plus smaller pop up experiences in and around London and the UK. 

(She’s so good, we feel that simply writing all these things down here won’t come close to doing her justice. But we’ll carry on.)


The experience bit 


Briony learned her craft studying technical theatre at the amazingly named Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. 

Since then, she has worked as Boat Operations Coordinator (innit!) at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, Senior Stage Manager at the 15th Asian Games in Doha Qatar, Stage Manager for Spamalot and Sister Act, The Musical (hands up who’d like to see a mashup of those two shows?) and become a self proclaimed master of Google Sheets. Not to mention Chinese New Year 2013 & 14 in Sydney and the Rugby World Cup 2015, high five!

Need a sit down? So do we. In fact, let’s just fall to our knees and shout “we’re not worthy!” to one of the best people in the business today.


Fun Briony Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Love all food in all countries

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: Ate the food (any food, in any country)

Best feedback from a client: “Briony is a dream to work with”

JP Waddington

Technical Director


Jon Paul – known to all as JP – is the honest Yorkshireman with a real but non-dangerous fetish for all things Health and Safety. Nerdy, but in a cool way, this guy never backs away from a challenge; swiftly but happily ignoring defeat like others might ignore a door-to-door salesman. 

One of our Technical Directors, JP holds politeness and job satisfaction in high esteem, being grateful for a genuine ‘thank you’ from a client and saying a genuine ‘thank you’ to people who need to hear it. Awww.

JP is well-seasoned, with over 15 years’ experience to his name. One of the reasons we love him here at The Production Department is his very rare mix of constant creativity plus his amazing technical knowledge of this crazy world we call ‘Production’. 

Give this man a problem and he will set to it like an 80s kid with a Rubik’s Cube – where the sides are made up of planning and management, client liaison, health and safety, innovative ideas, budget control, sponsorship (wait, how many sides does a Rubik’s Cube have?). 



Some of JP’s sports clients included adidas, Nike, Rebook, Puma, New Balance, UEFA Champions League, and STATSports. JP has project managed large-scale mixed-use arts venues like Old Granada Studios and Camp and Furnace, where he worked with brands such as Google, Vodafone, and Playstation, amongst countless others.

JP has produced and managed events, festivals, tournaments and conferences for cool and groovy organisations like: The Lawn Tennis Association, Mundial Studios, Co-Op, Design Manchester, The Warehouse Project, Liverpool International Music Festival, Sparklestreet, Chibuku, Liverpool Psych Fest, Old Granada Studios, Liverpool Music Week, Primavera Pro, UnConvention, Manchester Food And Drink Festival, Sandbach Transport Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival, eToro, and the legendary Abbey Road Studios with NPower.


Fun JP Facts

Best food eaten anywhere in the world: A sausage and peppers sandwich from a little roadside cafe just outside Rome – JP says he dreams about it more often than he’s comfortable with 

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: Said “thank you” to people who needed to hear it

Best client feedback:Honestly don’t know how he does it, he is a treasure to have on any team.”

Albert Rubio

Senior Production Manager


Albert Rubio: the man with a smile that could launch a thousand events – and it has. 

Albert is our awesome Senior Project Manager on the ground in Barcelona, with more than 10 years of experience in building and producing stupendous corporate events and trade fairs all over the gosh-darn world. 

Having developed his career between London and Barcelona, Albert has expanded our supplier network in Spain by giving new suppliers the honour of working with TPD. Albert loves putting his Bob el Constructor hat on to build bridges between clients and multidisciplinary teams, always looking for the best and most innovative answers that each project invariably asks of us all. 

Albert’s CV has a pretty impressive Education section, with Advanced 2D and 3D CAD, 3D Modelling, and a Masters degree from the pretty impressive Universidad Internacional de La Rioja – I mean..! 


Work and stuff 

The A-Man started out his career as an architectural technician at Broadway Malyan, working on a number of international projects, but primarily as a member of a team delivering a whopper of a project worth €60 million – a residential building – from detail design through to construction documentation. 

From there, Albert joined event company Decomakers, managing the production and construction of systems and bespoke builds on multi-million corporate events and trade fairs. He kept many plates in the air, dropping not a single bit of gravy in the process – plates containing the client’s requirements, project scope, cost management, schedule and resource management, procurement, quality, risks and stakeholders. Yum. 

And, just to show that Albert is going to take over the world some day, despite being mainly focused on the production management of large events, he has also rolled up his sleeves and got the paints out, leading and developing the creative concept and design of several stands and installations too. 

In 2023, Albert was particularly pleased to deliver an entire

expo with just a 2 day load in. Ridiculous. In the words of Albert he was, “Dead proud and almost dead by the time it finished!”


Fun Albert Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Iberian ham cannelloni (too good to describe), obviously here in Spain. 

Best thing you did no one asked you to do: Expanding our supplier network in Spain by giving new suppliers the opportunity to work with us.

Best client feedback: Being calm and focused even when faced with a seemingly impossible situation.

There you have him: Albert! Barcelona’s finest export since Iberian ham cannelloni.

Ewan Dickson

Senior Production Manager


“We need an ark,” they said. 

“Consider it done,” Ewan said.

“Can you whack on a ladder to the moon while you’re at it?”

“Oh for f… yes I can, but that’s IT,” Ewan said.


And so it was, with nothing more than a hammer, gaffa tape, and some drawing pins Ewan got stuff built and delivered. And he continues to build and deliver stuff. Stuff of the highest quality with seemingly no effort. 

Despite having a chin so chiselled he could cut his own gaffa tape with it, Ewan shunned the world of catalogue modelling to use his skills being TPD’s Senior Production Manager at some of the best events around the world. He’s handled budgets that would make Roman Abramovic feel a little worried about the numbers, and pulled off amazing exhibitions that make Glastonbury look like a Phil Collins cover band at your local pub car park.

Ewan is one of those rare beasts in the world of production: he speaks fluent Geek and fluent Normal Person, so he’s ideal for liaising with both the production team and clients. 

From building mock pit stops to creating beautiful fake cider apple trees and anything in between (including that pesky ark) Ewan is your man for getting the important shiz delivered with ease and a whole load of style.


The Experience Bit

With a face that could launch a thousand ships, one of Ewan’s highlights is the TUI ‘Marella Explorer 2’ launch. Serving as project lead on TUI’s latest international cruise ship launch, Ewan was responsible for the budget creation of £800k including talent booking. His job was to look after all technical production elements onboard plus liaising with ship staff to ensure the event didn’t affect other ships running international haulage, and being a main contact with international ports (no pressure there then, E-Dog).

Another fave was Google Next 2019 at London ExCeL, where Ewan managed all production elements for food and beverage, a casual meeting area, and FA Partnership areas. He worked between the studio and client handling team to ensure technical elements came in on the eye-watering £8 mill budget.

Since then he’s gone on to smash an activation at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023, and his work on Cisco 2024 as Production Team Lead.  


Fun Ewan Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Crab in Thailand

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: When Annie first started, he got TPD membership to a workspace so that she had someone she could physically work with when she started.

Best client feedback: “Ewan is a safe pair of hands and I didn’t have to worry about anything onsite. We were working to a very tight budget for both events so I really appreciated Ewan using suppliers that could work to the budget constraints and negotiating where possible. We had some last-minute production requests as well but nothing was too much trouble”


He currently lives in London and is working on his ‘ark’ project.

Russ Ball

Senior Production Manager


Russ Ball: bouncing from one important task to the next. Never dropping the… you know. 


Not just all about the brains, with bags of personality too (which we reckon must be the reason for his A* in GCSE Expressive Arts) Russ is our Senior Production Management and Technical Management slice of the Production Department pie. 

But while he’s happy to take on any job that needs doing, he’s not afraid to dish out the delegation too. Oh yeah, he can be a real taskmaster when he gets going (and we don’t care what Russ says, he’s definitely got his eye on Greg Davies’ big chair). He’s managed and been the technical/ digital lead for events like 1000-person charity events for Cancer Research UK; digital events for experiential agencies  and events for Videobooth Systems.

Not only aaall that, but Russ is a mentor to our newbies, and is one of two TPD Mental Health First Aiders, having received full training from MHFA England to help coach his colleagues through tough times. This is especially useful at TPD, because we are based all over the world and sometimes, you just need that virtual hug. What a ledge.


The experience bit 

Russ has worked on live, virtual and hybrid events, for clients including Cisco Live, F1, and Sibos, travelling all over the world with stops in Miami, Italy, Spain and Bahrain. 

Sibos 2022 was a particular highlight for Russ. Using the mother of all spreadsheets created for the Sibos ‘21 virtual event (that apparently included more technical infrastructure than the Olympics), Sibos 2022 was a 19-hours-a-day, multi broadcast event that used up 6-9 months of Russ’ heart and soul. He really is a grafter, this guy. 


Russ Ball: Senior Production Manager, Mental Health First Aider and all round can-doer.


Fun Russ Facts

Best food eaten on the job: drunken poutine in Montreal 

Best thing you done that no one asked you to: Mentoring and helping his team mates with their mental health

Best feedback from client or colleague: “Without Russ, we couldn’t have completed the project to the high standards we did, and this in turn helped us celebrate another successful year, despite 2023 being a tough one for so many people.”

Chris Baglot

Production Manager


When we hire a new Production Manager, we look for talent, skill and enthusiasm – and Chris gives us a lot: a Baglot. A truly international man of mystery, Chris has worked on live events in the UK as well as Australia and Canada with clients like IBM and Oracle under his belt, to name a few. Not only that, but for a while he was an actual pub landlord – at The Snowdrop Inn from 2020 to 2022 (not an easy time to be a landlord, either) and he chalks up being an excellent ice skater as one of his hidden talents. Could all these skills be combined, we wonder? That’s something we’d be very interested in seeing.

Back to events, though. Chris cites meeting Bryan Adams as one of his most starstruck moments, “he was the most relaxed and knowledgeable artist I have ever worked with plus just a great catalogue of songs”. And Chris has certainly taken Bryan’s sentiments to heart because everything he does, he does it for you.


Work and stuff 

Since 2001, Chris has worked in theatre and live events in Australia, for clients such as the Sydney Opera House, where he was Stage & Production Manager from 2008-2013, the City of Sydney Council, Australia where he was the Major Events & Festivals Production Manager and at the Sydney Christmas/NYE/Lunar Festival from 2014-2019.

One time, right, he pushed Daleks on stage at the Sydney Opera House for the BBC orchestra. Another time, he created an electric Santa sleigh for Christmas concerts in Sydney, driving it through the streets for the Big Man himself. I mean, this guy has worked for them all.

One of the most exciting name drops we’ve ever heard was when Chris told us he worked with two of his childhood heroes – the one and only Martin Short and and the other one and only John Cleese at Just for Laughs in Sydney. In a random turn of events, Chris had to put his shoes on standby for Mr Cleese as his own shoes didn’t arrive on time for rehearsals. (The upshot was that Cleese’s shoes arrived 10 minutes before curtain up, meaning Chris’ treads didn’t get their fifteen minutes of fame – this time.)

Chris Baglot: landlord, ice skater, Dalek pusher, he has the same size feet as John Cleese and he’s one of the best darned Production Manager’s this side of Sydney Opera House.


Fun Chris Facts

Best food eaten on the job: You can’t beat pancakes loaded with maple syrup, both onsite and just generally!

Best feedback from a client: “Chris is an exceptionally loyal and experienced Production Manager. He grasped the project with great enthusiasm and I found him a constant source of support on site.”

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: Getting the team coffee’s (decent quality of course) on an early morning shift

Mungo Ryan

Production Manager


Mungo Ryan: the man who needs no nickname because everyone thinks his nickname *is* Mungo (it’s actually a name of Scottish origin, likely meaning ‘most dear’ – nawww). He is one of our amazing Production Management team, having cut his teeth as Local Crew in Glasgow, moving through to being a Production Assistant and now working in the technical side of Production Management. 

Born and bred on a farm in Central NSW Australia, Mungo says he was once ‘fairly good at rugby’ – we assume that’s Mungo’s modest way of saying ‘excellent at rugby’. However he announced his retirement in 2023, which can only be TPD’s gain. 

In other news, he is currently attempting to learn “Without Me” by Eminem for karaoke: he envisages that would be his mic drop moment. (Update: he can currently do the chorus). 


Apart from all that, what else has Mungo done?


Well, he’s worked with wicked clients such as BBC, Dior and the NHS to name but a few, and one of his career highlights was working as Film Location Manager for International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) 2019 in Abu Dhabi, with Chinooks and Corvettes. 

In 2022, with 10 years’ event experience, Mungo was called in at the last minute to help a friend out on a shift – mysterious and intriguing, he thought. When he arrived on site, he was pleasantly surprised to see actress and all round bonkers-amazing Dame Emma Thompson as she was leaving the event. Dame Emma saw Mungo in the crowd of 20 crew ready to start work (what can we say, he’s a stand out kinda guy) and she made a beeline for him, shook his hand and said, “congratulations on building such a wonderful event”. According to a dumbstruck Mungo, he could only nod and smile. I mean, what else do you say to the best crier on the silver screen? 

He’s also supported one of the most enviable jobs in the industry; Mungo was Technical Production Manager for BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) 2015 – 2019 and the SPOTY Red Carpet from 2016 – 2019. 

In the last twelve months, Mungo’s highlight has been working on F1 events around the world plus Cisco Live, and we’re more than happy with the work he did as well as the fact he got to enjoy himself. Otherwise, why bother?


So there we have it: Mungo Ryan. There is literally no-one else like him – not only because he is an all round unbeatable top guy but because he has never met another Mungo.


Fun Mungo Facts

Best food eaten on the job: grasshoppers, worms and ant eggs in Mexico City

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: retired from rugby 

Best client feedback: The Reliable Yes Man

Rob White

Production Manager


That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right – we really love our Robert White. ‘Rob’ to you and me. ‘Superman’ to anyone who has ever worked with him. Based over in Germany, Rob is our Black Forest Hero, ready to serve up your delicious event in style with a side of whipped cream. 

Before we even tuck into the delicious cake that is Rob’s production career, we are so delighted to tell you that he started his career with a degree in nursing, so that explains why Rob is such a lovely guy in whose hands we’d happily place our lives. 

Somehow, he then ‘fell into TV’ in the late 90’s, where Rob worked in production for a few years, before having his heart stolen by cameras from behind which he has worked across many formats. 

But it’s his time at TPD that, we’re pleased to report, he is most proud of. He’s done the difficult job of maintaining a work-life balance, and seeing growth as part of the team, adapting to the myriad challenges that come from this crazy world we call Production. 


Some slices of recent work

In the last six years Rob’s been bringing his experience from TV productions to the event field. Because of his time working with content production and technical shizzle, Rob has a holistic view of production and, having worked in many high stress and hostile environments (and that’s just being within ten feet of Nicholas Witchell), Rob is still here, working with TPD and doing the things he enjoys the most. Huzzah! 

Some of the bonkers amazing stuff Rob has worked on includes (deep breath): BBC sports, awards ceremonies like BAFTA and The Brits, big ol’ events like President Obama’s visit and the Queen’s Jubilee, gigs like Madonna and Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, shows like Emmerdale and Big Brother, plus clients like Google, Vans, X-Box, London Fashion Week and Penguin Books (plus too many others to mention here). 

More recently, his bumper crop of happy clients include Cisco, HP Omen and three years’ worth of Google IO.

So there we have it: Rob White will bring you a steady hand, expertise in production that you didn’t even know existed, and serve up your amazing event with tender loving care. Just don’t make him bring out the riot training, OK?


Fun Rob Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Lamb tagine in Tangier – but the kebob eaten under the arches of Berlin HauptBahnhof was also pretty special too! 

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: Bought some brekkie for an end client he’d met, as he had heard they were stuck in meetings and didn’t get anything to eat all morning. Nawww. 

Best client feedback: “Rob was a brilliant Production Manager to work with. He always brought consistent energy and a huge smile to all our meetings, as well as on-site. The clients loved Rob; he charmed them with his friendly demeanour and banana bread! I would recommend Rob to anyone; he’d be an asset to every team.”

Robin Mitchell

Production Manager


Rob, Robbie, Mitch (he’ll usually respond to anything as long as it’s polite) Robin Mitchell is our Production Manager or Production Gangsta, if you’re feeling saucy, and he’s here to manage the heck out of your production and bring an annoyingly in depth amount of film trivia with him. 

His career began after he finished uni in 2010, and he started to work as event crew, and they rightly gave him his first foray in the world of Production Exec’ing, and he’s been aiming for the stars ever since. 


The Robmeister’s work 

But this guy is more than someone with claims to fame like he’s in the top 10 in his age group at roly polies. Oh yeah, there’s so much more to Roobie than that. For example, his client list includes mega big names like Diageo, Sky, Adidas, Reebok, Google, GSK, Mondelez – Diageo being one of his faves. Mitch says, “I really enjoy their brands and some of the smaller, more intimate events we used to have for them”.

A highlight of Robin’s career was when he supported the Skyride 2010 event, because watching 100,00 people cycle down the Mall in front of Buckingham palace was a pretty spectacular site. And that was just the usual amount of London cyclists on their way to the event. 

In recent times, Robin’s top clients include IBM, DP World, Westfield, Lego and Fortnight. Not a bad list! 

So there we have it: Robin Mitchell. Production Gangsta and roly poly expert. He also has a degree in contemporary dance (it’s funny when you meet him in person).


Fun Robin Facts

Best food eaten on the job: charred meat and veg in Greece. Aww yes.

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: I reevaluated the build schedule that had been devised by a previous PM and was able to drastically reduce the long shift patterns for the onsite crew.

Best client feedback: “Robin is great to work with, he’s approachable and nothing is too much trouble be it pre-site or onsite. A top allrounder!!”

Rochelle Janneh

Production Manager


Rochelle Janneh. Grafter, planner, organiser and Production Manager. So organised, she makes her friends line up for a headcount before a night out. 

Rochelle left her career in finance to join TPD as a Production Associate – in other words she took part in our graduate scheme to work ruddy hard and train at the same time. Now that she’s whizzed her way up to being Production Manager in the space of under two years, we count ourselves very lucky to have her, as we blow a smug raspberry to the finance industry. 


Skills McGills 


It was while she was working as senior contract and finance officer at Waltham Forest that, for three years, Rochelle simultaneously planned, promoted and hosted events – all off her own back, along with a friend/ business partner. She enjoyed it so much that, at the end of 2021, she decided to take off her finance hat and follow her passion to deliver events full time.

This prompted her to study for a Level 4 Diploma in Event Management, where she achieved a merit, as well as study Prince 2 Project Management to upskill herself and make her passion a reality. (Talk about self motivation!)

With TPD, Rochelle has made amazing contributions to the events she’s worked on and has made more than the most of her opportunities to lead on multiple events. She’s blazed a trail of brilliance at the continuous event ITM Awards as well as working at Cisco Live ‘23, Booking Click ‘23 and Cisco Live ‘24.

Now fully experienced in building working relationships, budget management, planning and promoting events, Rochelle will help make your event shipshape in no time. 


Rochelle Janneh: committed, enthusiastic and crazily self-motivated.  


Fun Rochelle Facts

Best food eaten on the job: pizza in Naples 

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: At a recent event, the in-house tech team was struggling to operate the lights and PPT slides. So, to make sure the show ran smoothly, Rochelle rolled up her sleeves and did the work with them. No one asked her to; she just did it (and did it bloody well). 

Best feedback from a client or colleague: “We can’t overstate how much we respect, admire and indeed rely on Rochelle’s own brand of innovation and capability.”

Annie Smith

Associate Production Manager


Annie, are you OK? Are you OK, Annie? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’: Annabelle Smith is our Associate Production Manager with such a varied range of experience and skills on her CV, she makes Romesh Ranganathan look lazy. Since joining TPD as part of our Associate programme, Annie has managed multiple projects at a time and is growing in confidence everyday – making us feel very proud indeed. 


Self-professed Thumb Wars champion of champions (seriously, you will never win), one of Annie’s biggest highlights to date is meeting Saint Gary Barlow when she was 10 years old – he told her she was funny and she’s not stopped bragging about it since. Quite right too. 

The worky stuff in more detail 

Firstly, Annie’s star appeal doesn’t begin and end with Gary Barlow – she’s worked with the absolutely fabulous Helen Lederer, best known for her role in the Absolutely Fabulous series. She has also worked with BBC News for a day, when she supported a field reporter to help deliver a story from conception to the live show. Now, back to the studio. 


In her downtime from rubbing shoulders with the BBC’s great and good, Annie has also put her journalism degree to amazing use by promoting emmy-nominated TV and film composer Ruth Barrett on social media, by creating a range of content on all platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tracking and growing her following in the process. 

Since becoming one of TPD’s Associates, Annie has led her first project on a sampling tea roadshow (er where was our volunteer taster call?!); worked on a conference in Madrid, where she was in charge of the exhibition space and demos/tech and out dinners. Oh, and she’s very proud not to have missed any flights. Nice work, Annie-o.

She also covered pre-prod work as lead production manager for the live days at a pop-up activation in Westfield; worked on a Cyberpunk release party as a runner; and expanded her workload by helping out with scenic and creative assets like set design/costumes and wherever else she was needed. 


Fun Annie facts

Best food eaten on the job: mushroom pasta in Madrid (Annie admits this doesn’t sound exciting but she still dreams about it to this day)

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: One time, she managed to use her AV skills (from TPD training) to fix a broken camera on site which was part of one of the activations! 

Best client feedback:Annie made the speaker feel completely comfortable, took her nerves away and helped her prepare for her session – she was a first time speaker. She was very complimentary about how well Annie managed the room.

Charlie Burton

Associate Production Manager


Charlotte Burton – Charlie to you and me – is one of our amazing, fresh-on-the-scene Associate Production Managers, which means she’s come to bring TPD her unique worldview while we show her the nuts, bolts and generally un-pin-downable world of events. 

Charlie has only been with TPD since late 2023, but in that time she’s rolled her sleeves up and got involved in anything we’ve thrown at her with enthusiasm and natural event abilities. 

She brings with her some cool performing arts experience, an unbeaten record at winning the popular board game, UNO, and the ability to pour a good pint of Guinness. What a woman. 

Let’s jump into the great glass elevator that is Charlie’s career so far… 




Before joining TPD Charlie worked in hospitality, where she wasn’t content to just turn up and get paid, but worked her way up to being a more-than-capable supervisor. 

And not only that, but she has also performed at the National Theatre in London as well as being both a scare actor and a Christmas actor, using her BA in Drama and Education Studies from Bath Spa. 

Because we know that Charlie isn’t content to sit still for more than one and a half minutes, she went and got a Masters in Immersive Arts (Virtual and Augmented Reality) from the University of Bristol too. Totally bonkers-great. 

Charlie also counts among her career highlights working with CAMERA at The Bottle Yard Studio, looking at motion capture. You channel that inner Wallace and Gromit, Charlie. 

Fun fact: Charlie has worked as an extra on Channel 4 First Dates where she met the Best Beard in the Biz, Fred Sirieix. 

Already a polymath and ready to take on the world with TPD, this is Charlie Burton. Now hop off the great glass elevator, please, we have another group waiting. 


Fun Charlie facts

Best food eaten on the job: Definitely our crew meal at Oliver’s in Amsterdam where we had steak and chocolate cake, which tasted amazing after a week or so onsite!

Best client feedback: “Charlie is extremely proactive and always lends a helping hand – she is an asset to any team!”

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: When assisting photographers on a conference project I gave them extra support – for example, during the breaks I actively sought out delegates to advertise the photographers’ services, encouraging everyone to head over and speak to them.

Fran Starkie

Head of Talent Development


Starkie by name, star by nature: Fran Starkie is our resident Simon Cowell (except Fran is a very nice person), being Head of Talent Development at TPD. Fran helps us to discover the next generation of talent, looks after our band of merry production associates, and helps the existing team set sail on a massive ship of learning and development – all of which makes us the best production team in the world (shameless brag).  

After dedicating her working years fighting the good fight in the charity sector Fran joined our ever growing team of experts in 2022. With her experience spanning 20 years (although this hardly seems possible) in the public and charity sectors, Fran has created and developed strategies for high-value fundraising teams, managed £1m+ budgets and led teams to deliver high quality events and guest experiences so exciting, they’d make Alton Towers look like a day at a ring pull museum.   

From conferences and product roadshows to gala dinners, building openings, art exhibitions, sporting events and royal luncheons Fran has directed and managed a shed ton of events from conception through to delivery.  


Specific experience: 

Before joining TPD, Fran spent several years at Demelza Hospice Care for Children, where she worked her magic on the management of the charity’s annual Christmas Appeal, which raised over £60,000, was nominated for an award, and the video received coverage on BBC and ITV news. Bonza work. 

At TPD, as well as being the woman holding the umbrella aloft as she leads our team’s learning and development, Fran also works directly with clients. Her experience ranges from content management and digital production for several online conferences, being Executive Producer for Monster Energy Chapter 4 (9 immersive rooms and expo for 1000 people), and being Production Manager for Omen Retail Tour, Germany. 

So that’s Fran: drummer up of inspiration, organiser of people who need a lot of organising and generally being a top person to work with. What a star. 


Fun Fran Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Definitely the curry at the reception we held at the Cinnamon Club in London for a client. 

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: I love coming up with new event ideas and in previous roles would often pitch new concepts. The ones I’m most proud of are the fundraising events for charities that went on to raise vital funds for great causes. 

Best client feedback: “Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Sarah Peters

Operations Manager


Sarah ‘The Rock’ Peters: flexing her muscles in all corners of the business. But unlike her pro wrestler namesake, she resists temptation from appearing in crap films and focuses on doing what she does best: being Project Manager and driving force behind The Production Department.

As well as being The Rock for us all as individuals, Sarah is also The Glue that holds us all together. So, in a sense, she is like the model of Tracy Island that Anthea Turner made that time on Blue Peter.

Ensuring that all of the team have what they need when they need it, Sarah is here to provide her support with a steadfast – and sometimes fixed – smile.

Like Vanilla Ice, if there’s a problem, Sarah will solve it. Unlike Vanilla Ice, she’s never been known to take perfectly great Queen or David Bowie songs and turn them into novelty rap without giving credit to the original artists. That’s just not her bag.

Pulling from years of experience of dealing with The Old Guard, she has a vast knowledge of how (and if) the brain of the Technical Director works, and how to get the best out of the team (bribery).

Honesty is one of Sarah’s best traits. Tactful and polite, she’ll tell us if we’re making dicks of ourselves with sincerity and integrity.

We think one of the coolest things about Sarah is that for five years, she ran her own luxury chalet business in Morzine, France. She even won awards for it and gave a 5-star service to skiers and various other posh people. How great is that? She can ski pretty well herself, and often appears on Zoom meetings in full ski gear just to make us well jel.



Seriously international, Sarah has brought her talents to jobs in Europe and the Middle East, bringing her Project Management, ‘The Rock’ style, at some very large-scale events with very cool global brands.

For example, our Sarah was the core team project manager for the Sibos London event in 2019, held at the London ExCeL. With 1,500 delegates and more than 300 exhibitors, it was her largest project delivery to date, and she helped pull it off with level-headedness, style, and poise (again, much like Tracy Island).

Sarah has also worked with Tony Ball Associates, being jammy enough to be the project manager of (Diageo) ‘World Class Bartender of the Year’ 2018 competition, held in Berlin. (Turns out it’s a competition that’s harder to enter than we thought.) She held up – sorry, created and managed five branded bars, as well as looking after their designed spaces, including all furniture and dressing. Fancy! She was also daily liaison with the multiple Diageo Brand Managers and the many complex build companies.

Rock, glue, just an all-round great gal, whatever you want to call her, Sarah Peters is guaranteed to keep shiz together and get shiz done.


Fun Sarah Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Nothing can beat a cold pint and bag of crisps

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: Sending gifts and unexpected parcels to the teams  – when big things happen or just because

Best client feedback: “Sarah is one of the most dedicated team members you will ever meet, she is hard working and will get the job done!”

Kelsey Munday

Account Manager


Kelsey Mundaaay, so good to uuus. Kelsey is our resident Account Manager and she is here both to whip us into amazing shape and make the client feel like they are even more important than the onsite snack box (and that’s really important). 

By her own admission, Kelsey is rather good at being organised, but that skill is one of the reasons why she is onboard with us. A typical day for Kelsey is catching up with her amazing clients from her own set of accounts, checking in with our talented team, being a brand ambassador to new biz opportunities, and WhatsApp-ing Joe on business development ideas (because we all know Joe loves a WhatsApp). 

Always spreading good vibes even when she’s not carrying out her profession, in her spare time Kelsey likes to bake yummy sugary treats (we’re all waiting to be taste testers). 


The professional stuff


Kelsey’s experience includes managing marvellous relationships, balancing budgets brilliantly, successfully sourcing suppliers, and expertly executing onsite projects by taking charge of  teams and logistics. What Kelsey can’t organise probably isn’t organisable – like a herd of cats or the government.

Some of Kelsey’s big name clients include Cisco, Workday, Envestnet, Google, GREAT, Booking.com and McLaren. The coolest project she’s ever worked on was the GREAT & BFC sustainable fashion show for COP26, an information event to showcase British designers and the innovative sustainable methods they’re using to tackle the climate crisis – that or managing furniture for Cisco Live 2020, because apparently, she loves a chair. Each to their own, Kelsey, each to their own.  

For all you celeb spotters out there, you may feel Kelsey looks familiar – well, you’d be right. She once had the hallowed job of walking celebrities down the red carpet at the National Television Awards in 2016 – she’s pretty sure you will be able to see the back of her coat in a YouTube video somewhere. If you spot her and let us know, you may just win a prize. 

When we asked her what her secret talent is, Kelsey said she legit couldn’t think of one. But we think that’s because none of her talents are secret: she puts every single one of them to good use and because she does that for us and us only, that makes us the luckiest TPD in the world. 


Kelsey Fun Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Coal fired cronut stick in Copenhagen 

Best feedback from a client: “You need to be careful how good you are otherwise they will try to steal you.”

Best thing she did that no one asked her to do: Surprise coffee and snack runs onsite, always goes down well with both internal and external teams!

Kate Nilski


Do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life…. 

Back in the 80s, while most kids were getting their daily dose of vitamin D by playing outside, there was a child who passed her time a little differently. In a decision her pale skin would later come to regret, Kate Nilski chose to forego vitamin D in favour of a different kind of nourishment. Words. 


While the other kids in her class struggled with their Biff and Chip books, Kate was busting out Telegraph crossword puzzles. While her schoolmates sat for hours on the swings at the local park, Kate was at home, Scrabbling at an expert level. 


And now, as we all spend our evenings glued to the latest binge-worthy drama, Kate spends her time playing Boggle in preparation for the next TPD copywriting challenge. Kate takes her love of words to an Olympic level. 


After getting a degree in English language and linguistics, Kate kick-started her career by being a rubbish receptionist. Soon realising that this wasn’t ‘kick-starting’ her career as much as driving down the motorway in the wrong direction, Kate changed jobs and cut her copywriting teeth by working for three years in PR. Some of her clients at this time included The Sussex Food and Drink Awards, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, Southern Co-op and John Lewis. 


With her PR hat on, Kate’s words have appeared in industry publications such as The Grocer and Convenience Store; Brighton newspapers like The Argus and Brighton & Hove Independent; Sussex-wide publications Sussex Life and ETC Magazine; plus national women’s magazines Woman’s Weekly and Take a Break. 


What’s Kate written, then?


As a copywriter in her own ‘write’ (sorry), Kate has worked with clients around the world, such as Microsoft sales teams, USA based Christmas Brothers, Nong’s Khao Man Gai and the newly launched Swoop App; Canada based The Zhush; India based 123 Tuition; and Everyday Home Styles from Australia. Closer to home, she’s penned words for Brighton based companies The Bike Tailor, Ape Creative, and The Point; Sussex businesses like Edge Company, The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, and Natural PR; and UK names like Samworth Brothers, Honest Crust Food, Urban Eat, and Fine & Country.   


She’s written copy for social media channels, blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, and pitches. She’s also re-written whole websites in SEO speak – which sounds a bit robotic but essentially just means ‘telling a good story that people will want to read’. One of the websites she rewrote, The Bike Tailor, had 500% more visitors in the first month. Who’d have thought words could be so cool, eh? 


With a dog-eared picture of Susie Dent in her wallet and Travel Boggle in her handbag, Kate loves what she does for TPD – and isn’t ashamed of her pale skin and lifelong fear of swings. Like the saying goes, ‘do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life…’


And in case you were wondering, Kate’s surname is Polish but she’s never been. 


Fun Kate Facts

Best food eaten on the job: Fish and chips from a proper chippy with a glass of bubbly!

Best feedback from a client: “Kate is a breath of fresh air to work with, she’s approachable, friendly and a general mood lifter for those who are fortunate enough to work with her!”

Best thing you did that no one asked you to do: I believe everyone should enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits every afternoon, so I always appoint myself tea and biccy monitor in any team I work with!